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Some frequently asked questions

What is whakapapa?

Every one you speak to will have a different definition of whakapapa. What we do know is that Whakapapa begins with the Gods, descends to Papatuanuku, then down to our ancestors and finally down to us. Whakapapa is the glue that links us to each other and it is the basis of whanaungatanga.

Whakapapa maybe variously described as one’s pedigree or family tree. Whakapapa is a continuum. Whakapapa is generational and there are several forms of it. You might even say that whakapapa is cryptic or encoded. You could even say that all those ancestors in one’s whakapapa are tupapaku.

Maori are the foremost culture in the world where whakapapa is concerned. All tribes have their own whakapapa. I regard whakapapa as the tahuhu of Matauranga Maori.

How is this website useful to me?

This is a Nga Puhi whakapapa research website. We are the only dedicated Nga Puhi whakapapa research service. We find your whakapapa for you. In addition, we are also able to compliment the whakapapa with histories pertaining to your hapu or marae. We may be also able to provide Nga Puhi literature in the form of karakia, pepeha or waiata.

Where does this information come from?

This knowledge is sourced from a life time of study and preparation. Much of this study is based on Nga Puhi oral history from hui, marae, and discussion with Nga Puhi tohunga and attendance at Nga Puhi wananga. We have researched unpublished Nga Puhi manuscripts and records over many years. Information of this kind is not readily accessible to the public.

What does it cost?

The cost for us to research and find your whakapapa or history is a koha negotiable on a case by case basis. We deal with an individual, a whanau, a marae or hapu.

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